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download and install partition wizard 9.1 free



download and install partition wizard 9.1 free

download and install partition wizard 9.1 free


The partition wizard 9 program is one of the leading programs in the field of maintenance and modification of the hard disk. The program allows you a lot and a lot in dealing with the hard disk and has very many advantages such as that the program enables you to divide the hard disk in a beautiful and very easy way, as the program enables you to control the surveyor The discs on the hard disk are very easy without the need to make fractions or partition of the hard disk and without losing any data on the hard disk. With this option, you can increase the disk C on Windows if the disk is full from the large number of programs installed on the device and that by adding space to disk C from Another disk with free space; Watch this video to explain how to increase the c disk from here

The partition wizard program has a disk scan feature and the detection of the pad socketer and the places in which the pad is located. You can also include the program to repair the pad socket by deleting the location in which the partition is located or by making a deep scan of the affected disk and repairing it. Among the features that distinguish the program are if you delete any A disk or a hard disk, as the program returns to you the old partition and data that was easily on it.

The MiniTool Partition Wizard has a list of functions to the left of the graphical user interface (GUI), the controls / buttons run along the top, and the right panel shows what they're doing. The free version does most of what you need at home. The paid version offers additional functions such as changing block sizes, merging and aligning partitions etc. The free (and paid) version allows you to completely change partitions or disks by allowing you to edit properties, label volumes or label partitions, change drive letters, check system files, align, move, delete, recover, join, hide, or split converting Or copy and resize disks or entire partitions. It is possible to delete a partition, find this tool, and recover it for you.


MiniTool defragmenter can solve it. Organize your hard disk and gain extra space in your existing partitions to increase hard disk space usage. No matter it is basic or dynamic, GPT or MBR, single disk or flagship disk. With this program, you can increase or decrease any disk space from the disks on the hard disk without losing data and more than easily.


MiniTool Partition Manager helps you create, delete, merge and split partitions. It also helps you perform a variety of other partitioning operations. This program helps you to merge two disks together or divide one disk into two disks without any problems and in a very simple way.When your requirements change, you can quickly convert the disk or hard drive between basic and dynamic disks, MBR and GPT disks, NTFS and FAT32 Partition without losing data In just moments.\

Partition Wizard helps you to make a backup copy of any disk on the hard disk, including the disk data, and restore this copy at any time and there is no need to spend hours reinstalling the operating system and applications of the old disk. Return the cloning disk to the action on the new disk in just a few minutes

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