features that you must do on a xiaomi phone

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features that you must do on a xiaomi phone


features that you must do on a xiaomi phone

features that you must do on a xiaomi phone

In the name of of Allah, the Merciful. And blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammad, may blessings and peace be upon him. Dear reader, you are welcome in a new topic from the on prog blog, in today's topic we will get the light on the features of the Xiaomi phone, which many people overlook, I will explain to you in this topic how to activate these features, and what you may gain from them, So that you can achieve the harshest benefit from your phone, and we will together step by step enter all the sections in order, so that we get to know all the features in the phone, and I will explain everything to you and I will code for you on the features in the blue balloon, first click on the settings.

About the phone

You will find inside this section a lot of features, so you can know the size of the phone's storage memory, what is the used space, what is used, how much its size, and what is the size of the remaining free space.

You can also activate the developer options from within this section, when you press the option (MIUI version) constantly, the developer options will be activated, you will find inside this option a lot of features, and I will explain to you that in this post what are these features, when we reach them.

You will find in this section an option (all specifications) and by clicking on this option you can find out all the specifications of your phone such as, RAM size, storage size, device model, processor speed, Android version, Android security patch level, MIUI version, model, Baseband version, kernel version, phone case. So, you will easily know all your specifications, and this may not be found on many other phones.

In the About phone section, you can change the device name to any name you want, and you can also update your phone version from this section when you click on the MIUI Global version to update your phone to the latest update to get all the modern features.

System Applications Updater section

In this section, you will find the system applications that need updating, and updating these applications is necessary because they are system applications.

Protection status

You will find in the protection status section the option to find the device, and this option is very important of course.

Mobile networks and SIM cards

In this section, you can easily select the automatic calling card, and the automatic internet card as well, and you will also find an option (dual 4G). When you activate this option, you will enjoy 4G internet speed.

Portable hotspot

From within this section, you can activate the portable hotspot, so that anyone can operate the internet on their phone from your phone.

Communication and sharing

This section is responsible for sharing external data, you will find in this section a great feature which is (Mi Share) through this feature you can transfer files from the phone to any other device without the need for any additional applications.

Also, you will find another great feature which is (broadcast). This wonderful feature enables you to display the phone screen on any external screen such as TV, display, computer, via Wi-Fi without using any cables.

Not only that, you can also print anything from your phone directly to any external printer, via Wi-Fi without using any cables, and this is by using the (print) feature that you will not find in other devices.

Lock screen

This section is responsible for the lock screen, and you will find in this section great features such as, (raising the device to wake it), after activating this feature, when you lift the phone to you, the screen will wake up to show you the current watch and notifications, and this will not make you unlock the screen to see the watch Or notifications.

The next feature is (double tap to wake or turn off the screen), when you double tap on the screen while it is in sleep mode, the screen will light up for you to show you the current clock and notifications, and this will not make you unlock the screen to see the clock or notifications.

There is also a feature in this section (camera launch). When this option is turned on, the camera will be launched faster when you press the volume down button twice.

The last feature in this section is (pocket mode). If your phone is on and not locked, and you put it in your pocket, touch gestures will be locked while the device is placed in the pocket, to avoid any touches on the screen that cause you problems.


In this section you will find an option (Reading Mode), Reading mode makes the display colors warmer, allowing your eyes to relax.

One of the features in this section is the option (color scheme). From this option, you can adjust the colors of the phone as you like, and you can choose from three options, which are 1- automatic: which is to adjust the colors based on the current light 2- saturated: which is to allow improvement of colors 3- standard: This makes the contrast remain constant.

You will find a very cool feature in this section which is (the device is in virtual reality mode) and this option is for virtual reality glasses.

And in the option (Control Center and Notification Center) you will find in it a very cool feature that you will not find in many phones, which is (Display connection speed) This feature makes you always aware of the speed of your internet connection, you will find next to the watch the internet speed at the moment.

Passwords and protection

There is only one feature in this section, but this feature is very impressive, which is (face recognition). When you activate this option, you can open the phone by looking at the phone screen only, and the phone will be opened directly.

Protect privacy

In this section, you will find all the options present in most phones except for one option only, which is (High Risk Permissions) Android contains many high-risk permissions such as "Permissions that allow sending push notifications" that may affect your privacy. Therefore, MIUI gives you the option to allow or restrict such behaviors.

Additional settings

There are many wonderful features in this section such as, the feature (full screen display) this wonderful feature that you rarely find in many phones, when you click on this option you will find two options, the first is "buttons" and this means that the control buttons appear for you at the bottom of the screen They are the menu buttons and back buttons. The second option is "Full Screen Gestures" and when choosing this mode, the control buttons will disappear from the bottom of the screen and the touch control will be, for example if you want to go back, you will scroll from the side of the screen to the middle, and you will find a demo In detail about the activation of this mode.

Among the features that you will find in this section is the option (button shortcuts). Through this option, you can make a shortcut to many things such as, launch the camera, take a screenshot, run the Google Assistant, turn off the screen, turn on the flashlight, close the current application, open the split screen, Show menu.

In the additional settings section, there is an option (developer options), in which you will find a lot of great features, such as the option (USB debugging). When this option is activated, you will be able to display your phone screen on the computer, using the specialized programs for that of course There are many features in this option that you will discover yourself, but I advise you not to activate or disable any option you do not know what it is, so as not to damage your phone, and to deal with this option with a severe ban, and that you do not activate the developer options except Only when needed and to disable it after completion.

Digital welfare and parental control tools

This section I do not think you will find on many phones, this section enables you to use a temporary, such as using applications, and other tools to track the time of looking at the screen and separation more easily. In the option (Parental Controls), you can add content restrictions and set other restrictions to help children maintain a balance in terms of screen time.

Special features

It is clear from the name of this section that it has very special features. You will find in this section the feature (Game Accelerator). All games installed on the device are automatically added to this section, which gives you great performance for games.

 And the second feature in this section is (the second interface) This feature is the most wonderful that you can only find in Xiaomi devices, when you activate the second interface, you will then have two different devices on the same phone. Isn’t this wonderful, for each interface of them has its own applications and its own equipment as well and its own files Which means you have two devices at the same time, which is really cool.

You will find in this section an option (Simple Mode) and this option gives you larger icons and larger text for a better visual vision.


In the end, the Xiaomi phone, with its latest version, definitely has a lot of really cool features, which you may not find in many other phones, and with every update of the phone system, many wonderful and useful features are added for daily use.


Thank you, dear reader, for your valuable time reading this article, and I hope that you have really benefited from it, and I will see you, God willing, in the coming articles, thank you.