how to create restore point in windows 10

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how to create restore point in windows 10


how to create restore point in windows 10

how to create restore point in windows 10

Creating a System Restore Point in Windows 10 will help you reset the whole operating system to normal state in the case if you encounter any issues with Windows. It hardly takes a minute to create a Windows 10 system restore point but it awards from a big mess later for sure


It is always suggested to have a restore point within #Windows10​ itself to quickly restore the OS to a point of time. This fixes some registry bugs, settings and few without completely formating the whole computer

Here are the steps to create a Windows 10 restore point


First of all, right click on ‘This PC’ icon and choose ‘Properties’. If you don’t have this icon on your desktop, please check this video


Now to the left, find ‘System protection’


Here, you first need to configure a few mandatory settings. For that, choose the disk where you installed the Windows 10 operating system then click on ‘Configure’ then ‘Turn on system protection’.  You must enable system protection on this drive and then allocate the disk space to the restore point. Now save the settings by choosing ‘Apply’ then Ok


Now choose ‘Create’ then name your restore point then wait till it completes the job for you


That’s it. If you would like to restore Windows 10 at any point of time, just choose this ‘System Restore’ then pick the restore point and you are good to go